Top Tips For New Dads I Before Baby is Born

Nothing can ever prepare you for fatherhood, but there are some things you can do to ease you into it.
For the soon to be first time dads like myself (at the time of putting this together), I wanted to share the Top 5 things I’m doing for Preparing to be a new dad before baby is born

1 – Research
– Talking to people – Experts, Midwives, family and most importantly other dads on what to expect. The info can be invaluable and though there can be some scary stories, you get to ask all the questions, and they tend to add their lessons learnt in the knowledge passed to you
– Essential Lists (what to buy and what not to buy)
– Preparing your pet
– Smart Home baby skills

2 – Money / Finance – Broken down into 3
– Budget and Staggered Buying
As soon as you find out about the pregnancy, start saving for the big day. Whether big or small whatever you can save each month will go a long way.
Also if you have your essential list prepared – Start buying early. A couple things a month saves money in the long run. I started buying after WK 16. Don’t underestimate EBay.

– Paternity Pay (Are you entitled? do you know how much?

– Future (Will, Life Insurance and Trust Funds for your soon to be baby.

3 – Leave/ Time off
Are you entitled for Paternity Leave, Shared Leave and Parental Leave? How long can you take?

4 – Get Involved!
Make sure you are involved in the process as possible. Go to the baby events, do the research together, show interest in the pregnancy.

As things get harder, step up – cooking, cleaning up, massages where possible. Having seen it now, Women are superheroes given what their body goes through during pregnancy

I am responsible for buying all the stuff on our essential list. (Mostly because she’s indecisive but shhh)

5 – Antenatal and First Aid Classes

Helpful links
Money Advice Service –
Money Advice Service Baby Money Timeline –
Post office Parent Life insurance –
Paternity Leave –
Antenatal Classes – or
First Aid –

What I used for this video
Music – Keep Falling by The Passion Hifi –
Camera – Nikon d3200 with Tamron AF 18-200mm Lens
Microphone – Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro

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Toys for Girls

Toys for Boys

Craft Supplies

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