Top 5 Tips when Planning a Baby

In this video Dr. Mukesh Gupta talks about “Infertility”. Infertility is when a couple is unable to conceive pregnancy. Dr.Mukesh Gupta elaborates on what could be the potential causes of Infertility & describes in detail when is the correct time to seek help from Doctor or Fertility Expert.

Top Reasons to meet Fertility Consultant:

1) Duration – If a couple has been trying to conceive from more than a year & have had relationship during Fertile period adequate number of times & yet haven’t been successful in conceiving – then they should meet the doctor.
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2) Age : Age is a very important factor when it comes to Planning Pregnancy. The younger the age the quality of eggs & sperms are better, hence it is easier to conceive. However if the age is on the higher side, seek a Fertility Consultant’s guidance to help you plan accordingly.
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3) Long Distance Relationship – For couples who reside in different countries or cities for professional reasons- it gets difficult for them to conceive. However seeking a doctors guidance may help planning your timings which can work in positive direction.

4) Non Consummation Of marriage – If a couple faces difficulty in having physical relationship – this may also be one very important factor for Infertility. Hence open up to your doctor & ask for help on this issue.

5) Health Issue – If any partner suffers from any sort of illness or health concerns, this could also act as a barrier for conceiving. Hence the couple should try & get their medical history clear or treat their illness & plan for baby accordingly with the help of Fertility Consultant.

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