These Indian Parenting Tips Will Surprise You

Why are children in India so independent? Is the key hidden in the basic principles of parenting?

A child often stops pursuing his dreams and follows his parents’ dreams. In early years of his life, his creativity is restricted. Every parent wants his child to be a doctor or an engineer, especially in a country like India. Very often the child’s profession is decided even before his birth.

There are several Indian movie like “Udaan” and “3 Idiots”that depicts this beautifully. Offbeat streams like fashion designing, writing, cartooning, photography etc. are not even considered to be career options. Indian parents are often more concerned about what they will have to say to the society rather than their child’s wishes.

The Virtue of Kindness and Patience 0:21
Controlled Information 1:01
Manners First 1:35
Setting a Good Example 2:16
Strong Child-Parent Bond 2:51
Dose of Independence 3:32
The Importance of Education 4:05
Spirituality Lessons 4:42
Financial Control 5:15
The Influence of School 6:16

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