Rolling Over Step By Step Parents Guide by BabyPillars

Rolling Over Step By Step Parents Guide. Part of the 3-6 Months Baby Development Video Tutorials by BabyPillars. A Step By Step Guide for Proper Rolling Over Watch the complete video here:

In this video you will learn: how to teach baby to roll over what should you as the parent do and how to help a baby roll over.

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00:00:12 – 00:00:15
Hello, and welcome to another babyPillars

00:00:15 – 00:00:19
In this video we will focus on and learn:

00:00:19 – 00:00:22
Developing the ability to roll over properly

00:00:22 – 00:00:25
Developing a sense of mobility in space

00:00:25 – 00:00:30
Building blocks for the first steps for rolling
over and eventual safe crawling

00:00:30 – 00:00:36
and building your baby’s confidence and
positive reaction towards new situations.

00:00:36 – 00:00:40
This process is one that both parent and baby
can share.

00:00:40 – 00:00:45
One where you teach and guide your baby to
roll over correctly, in an organized way through

00:00:45 – 00:00:47
guided support.

00:00:47 – 00:00:52
With a matt or a blanket, you can guide your
baby through the movements, while allowing

00:00:52 – 00:00:56
them to move their body and completely roll
over on their own.

00:00:56 – 00:01:01
This exercise is a fun way to learn, while
spending quality time with your baby,

00:01:01 – 00:01:05
and can be practiced at home, outside, and
almost anywhere!

00:01:05 – 00:01:10
In this exercise your baby will learn how
to shift their weight, how to bring their

00:01:10 – 00:01:14
arms to the center of their body, and how
to cross their center.

00:01:14 – 00:01:19
They will develop a sense of movement in space
and get familiarized with the sides of their

00:01:19 – 00:01:20

00:01:20 – 00:01:25
All of these exercises help your baby learn
the capability of rolling over to both the

00:01:25 – 00:01:29
front and back via the sides of their body.

00:01:29 – 00:01:34
In this video you will watch and learn how
you can lead your baby to roll over from side

00:01:34 – 00:01:38
to side, while actually guiding them through
the motions.

00:01:38 – 00:01:42
With the use of a matt, a large towel, or
a blanket, you can play with your baby and

00:01:42 – 00:01:44
teach them how to roll over properly.

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Note to Parents,
Here you can find your baby development milestones with the stages of development of a baby during the first 24 months of his or hers life. These developmental milestones are divided into 4 categories: Gross motor skills, Fine motor skills, Social development and Language development

Please note that your baby can carry out all stages of development as described, or only some of them at this time; give him the time and space to develop and cultivate his personal development, and work with him on the most important points. There is no need to start from scratch and go step by step; you can opt to go through these with your baby for all of the stages of development, or only some of them, all depending on the age of your baby and his personal development.

Please note that these are not all of the developmental stages your baby needs to pass along as he grows, but only a small part of the various developmental stages during the first 24 months of his life. To get more developmental stages and different tools which will help your baby to realize his developmental potential, click here.

We hope that these steps will give you the tools and the perspective needed to realize your baby’s full developmental potential.

Good Luck,
The BabyPillars Team

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