Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Vision Development

At 0-3 months old baby can only focus on objects 8-15 inches away. They love faces, big polka dots, and objects that are black, white, and red.

Around 1 month they can begin holding eye contact. To hold eye contact, baby needs to be alert and calm to hold eye contact.

At 3 months, baby will focus on faces and close objects and follow moving objects with their eyes.

Around 4 months, baby is able to see a full range of colors.

Around 7 months, baby’s vision is fully mature. You might notice they start showing more interest in toys with more complex patterns and shapes.

Baby will be looking at you a ton, so be sure to look at them, give them a lot attention, and keep making eye contact. For more info on the importance of eye contact, check out our blog post.

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