FRENCH PARENTING TIPS I 5 Key Insights to Raising Babies

Happy US Mother’s Day ! This was the perfect opportunity to do a little video about raising my bebe, the French way. Eleonore is still really young, so I know i’ll have years of wisdom to one day share with you, but even after 5 months, I can already see some strong French parenting techniques that have worked for me and some tips to help getting your babies sleeping and eating like the French.

In the video i really discuss 5 key parenting techniques that I’ve noticed in France. Speaking to your babies as if they understand everything, (no matter what their age), teaching them patience, getting them to sleep through the night, eating anything you give them and learning to balance your family. I will discuss some of the differences between France and the US as well as some tips to help you add some French style to your parenting !

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Differences in pregnancy between France and the US:
First trimester symptoms:
Second trimester symptoms:

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There’s a lot more coming where this came from!
1. Communication “1:00”
2. Patience “3:11”
3. Sleeping “5:23”
4. Eating “6:50”
5. Balance “8:59”
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