6 Weeks Pregnant

6 Weeks Pregnant is an exciting time, as the most incredible things are happening inside your pregnant belly. However you may not feel like celebrating much due to early pregnancy symptoms and hormonal changes in your body. 6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms vary women to women and in some time there are no symptoms at all.
When you talk about fetal development, it’s always fascinating to know about your baby size and shape at 6 weeks. You’ll probably look just the same from the outside. Your baby is growing and changing at very fast pace and developing new features. This week’s most important milestone, the neural tube begins to close over what will become your baby’s spinal cord. The brain and nervous system are also developing quickly.
There’s more at 6 week pregnancy update, the areas that will become the eyes and ears have started to project as bumps, and other tiny buds are forming that will eventually grow into arms and legs.
Heartbeat of about 105 beats per minute may be detectable in an ultrasound in 6th week of pregnancy. Weeks 1 to 8 are known as the embryonic period. Your baby is now an embryo. You might be feeling a touch ‘hormonal’ by week six and Now is the time to really watch your diet – not only to give you nutritious, energy giving foods, but also to make sure you are avoiding anything that could be harmful to your baby. Some common signs and symptoms at 6 weeks pregnant are frequent urination, gas and bloating, heart burn, tiredness, morning sickness and hormonal imbalance.
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