12 Simple Rules to Avoid Mistakes When Raising a Daughter

Is there anything cuter than a father who admires his daughter? Maybe, a father who takes great care of his daughter. But often, fathers are less interested in raising daughters just because they have no idea how to do it and where to begin. “How do I play with her? What are we supposed to talk about? What do I do?!”

But fathers can do a great job of raising daughters. Especially if they have a guide on how to become a super parent. Wanna know why you shouldn’t be a macho dad? Or why it’d be a good thing for a young girl to see that dads also do dishes, dust furniture, whatever it might be? So, here are 18 simple, but very effective rules that help you to be a great Daddy.

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Spend time with her 0:27
Don’t be afraid of taking on baby duties 1:02
Don’t be a macho dad 1:46
Answer her questions 2:28
Try to understand her, even if you can’t 3:11
Don’t be shy to kiss her 3:38
Let her choose her hobbies 4:07
Be a dad that helps around the house 4:49
Be a full-time dad 5:29
Carry her on your shoulders 6:03
Teach her about discipline 6:37
Politely refuse when she asks you to marry her 7:23

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– Spend time with her. Start as soon as she’s born. This will help her understand your role as a dad and that fathers are just as important as mothers in a child’s life.
– Of course, spending time together and playing is great and all, but dads shouldn’t just be there for the fun parts. You need to help out with baby duties too, and that includes changing diapers and potty-training.
– There’s no need to be the silent type that only engages with his daughter whenever she needs a dollhouse built or anything else that requires physical strength. Don’t be afraid to show your soft side.
– Any time she has a question, try to answer it. Even if you don’t know the answer, look it up!
– When your daughter is talking to you in her toddler gibberish, let her get it all out, encourage her, and engage in the “conversation” as best as you can.
– You absolutely can show your daughter love in the form of hugs and kisses. You wouldn’t be doing her any favors by keeping your distance because she’ll feel like she’s more loved by her mom.
– Just like with baby duties, the household stuff isn’t just something that Mom always takes care of, and your daughter should see that for herself.
– Being a parent is a full-time job, and you don’t get breaks. Kids don’t get the concept of work or work exhaustion – they only see it as “My dad doesn’t ever spend time with me.”
– Carry her on your shoulders. Kids love it, so you better do it before they get too heavy!
– When it comes to discipline, you don’t wanna be a tyrant, but you also don’t wanna spoil them. The only thing that works is to teach your kids about self-control and that actions have consequences.
– Politely refuse when she asks you to marry her. Kids this age don’t really understand what “marry” means. Don’t take it too weirdly, , and just explain to her that you’re married to her mom, and someday she’ll marry someone else if she wants.

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